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Mobile Auto Claims

A feature in Intact Insurance and Belairdirect’s mobile application enabling customer to file a claim and take picture of their vehicle for remote evaluation.

Project details coming coon

Beyond the booth

A real-time web-based mobile prediction game allowed the National Bank Cup participants to play, have fun, and win prizes directly from the comfort of their seats.

Project details coming coon

A mobile-first eCommerce experience

In the past years, the number of people shopping on mobile surpassed desktop. Lolë hired me to design a unique, mobile-first experience for its new e-commerce site to adapt to that new reality.

Photo credit : Noah Stone

Project details coming coon

Accessible Event Insurance

Before GatherGuard, buying event insurance was a complex process where the customer needed to go through a broker and fill endless documents. Now, people can go online and buy their insurance in just a few clicks.

Project details coming coon